Miami , Florida
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Dark Link and Dark Zelda

Still unfinished, it was somewhat rushed so i\'ll need to touch certain things up. This was debuted at Yasumicon \'09

Shinobi and Nightshade

I Always cosplay as a group with my girlfriend (She has her own solo costumes but i, myself partner with her) Not much else to say i guess ^_^

WallMarket Tifa

Yup... Man Tifa :P and i look damn good if i may say so myself XD

Light Yagami

Just a few fun times with this cheap cosplay. It was my friends first cosplay so why not start with something simple right?

Bible Black Couple

My first cosplay with my Girlfriend ^_^ She did all the work though :P i knew nothing about costume making at the time. (which personally i still think i don't know too much but hey, i'm working on it ^_^)