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Anime Central 2007

My 4th year at the always-amazing ACEN in Rosemont! A "Best of" (IMO) gallery from my private shoots now added! General coverage at Gallery.

Wizzywigs Cosplay Day IV

The ever-popular Wizzywig Anime Store Cosplay Day returns! This time, even more varied and amazing costumers from the southeast Michigan area (and many in our MCS group) come for the association and fun. 3-31-07 Photos uploaded - 134/134

Michigan Cosplayers Society - Richmond RAGE Arcade Night

A great night gathering attended by many of the MCS group that was held at RAGE - A part arcade, part LAN Center, part videogame store hangout spot in the small town of Richmond. Not a tremendous amount of cosplays but a lot of good fun! 3-23-07

Michigan Cosplayers Society Bowling - Day 2

The second time us here in the MCS decided to go bowling. An even bigger group, wackier conversations, gutter balls, and an all-around good time made this the best bowling outing yet! 2-10-07. Photos uploaded: 132/132

Michigan Cosplay Society Birthday Gathering

Here's a decent amount of photos taken during our MCS Birthday gathering for Meredy Himura. Let the crazy Michigan photoshoots ensue! Photos uploaded. 100/100.

Ohayocon 7 - January 5-7, 2007

My fourth time at this popular Ohio convention! Private photoshoots, samples, and insanity will populate this folder soon! Photos uploaded - 375/375

Youmacon - November 3-5, 2006

The great second year of this Michigan convention. Private Photoshoots, samples, and other wacky stuff to be uploaded here shortly.

MCS 2006 Holiday Gathering

A small collection of crazy photos of our Holiday Gathering. Although not as many people came in costume as we had hoped, there was still much fun as this was a Wii-centric event.

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2006

Photos from my visits to the MRF this year! Dates attended: 9-3-06, and the weekend of 8-30/9-1-06. Photos fully uploaded. 376/376

Otakon 2006

My third time to this insane convention in Baltimore! Photos not included at Consplayers (and some that were) & private photoshoots will be uploaded here, but higher quality photos are on Consplayers. Photos: 896/896.

Anime North 2006

With the second venturing into the mystical land of Canada, this convention was joyously attended. May 26-28th. Photos fully uploaded!: 941/941.

Anime Central 2006

Another insanely fun-filled weekend! Coming again to the Hyatt in Rosemont. May 5-7th, 2006 Photos 469/469 Photo uploads completed. *Ignore Thumbnail for Anime North due to glitch*

Wizzywigs Cosplay Day III

The third installment of this great event put on by the Wizzywigs Anime Store in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 3-18-06. Photos uploaded. 201/201

Michigan Cosplayers Society Bowling!

No better way to spend an early February night with friends than going bowling in costume! Fun highly encouraged, sanity not. Photos 134/134.

Ohayocon 6 - January 6-8, 2006

The first great con of 2006 has arrived! Photo upload completed! 532/532