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Erika (Pokemon - Celadon City Gym Leader)

Vileplume, I choose you~!!!! It was so much fun cosplaying Pokemon gym leaders! it was a very comfortable costume that allowed me to run around the con and not have to worry about little things falling off/breaking/snagging!

Phoenix Wright

Cosplay group for Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

Ouran High School Host Club

*looks at title*.. what more is there to say :]


fun fun fun! :D

Balloons Penguins!!!

made the penguin costumes for my freinds and me to dance at a kid's international festival!! :D


sorry sorry.. not too many pics in the computer yet.. but will soon!


A costume i quickly made for a costume contest at PlanetZero Anime.

Edward Elric

A costume my mom and i made for my little brother who, at the time, didnt know how to sew yet (but he does nowww~ bwahahaha~!!)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

my first cosplays done completely from scratch (except for Syaoran's). my guy friends didnt know how to sew, so i ended up making all of their costumes for them in about a...3 week span? o(T^T)o But!! it was worth it ^_^