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Rosenkreuz Orden Noelle Bor, Trinity Blood Original Design

This is an original design based off of the Orden uniforms from the artbook. This cosplay was born as a bit of a involved still being in part of my Sister Noelle cosplay but changing from my habit into goth/rave gear for the GenCon Indy dance i

Shinji Ikari, Evangelion (school clothes)

Pics related to my Shinji crossplay. Plugs were made by me, out of resin, and the outfit was assembled from my closet:)

Sister Paula, "Sleepytime/PJ" Version

Progress pics of my PJ version of Sister Paula's nun uniform from the artbook and Tarot card, along with my "artbookish" Pope plushie!

Detective Yukika, Nerima Daikon Brothers

In-progress photos of my Det. Yukika cosplay from the anime Nerima Daikon well as pics of my Pandaikon plushie:)

Ghost Bride (Old Version) from Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride

Photos of my Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride for Disneyworld's Not So Scary Disney event on Halloween. I had a basic wedding dress from my Princess Vespa cosplay, so I sewed on sleeves, the neckpiece/and choker, a bustle, some extra overskirt, and a veil.

Sister Esther Blanchett, Trinity Blood Artbook Vatican Uniform

Finished pics and progress pics of my artbook Esther. I basically took my Noelle dress and added to it, so I can now be either Esther or Noelle (interchangable pieces, WOOT!).

Red Mars Project Lilith Sahl, Trinity Blood

Finished pictures and progress pictures of my artbook version Red Mars Project Lilith!

Rin Tohsaka, Magi outfit from Fate/Stay Night

One of my first cosplays that I made on my own...that was con-worthy, that is:)

Misc. Props

Pics of the various things that I've made for friends and family. Stuff from: Legend of the Seeker, Bleach, Chronicles of Narnia, Trinity Blood, Spaceballs.

Shokora, a new Tokyo Mew Mew

Pics of my self-invented Tokyo Mew Mew character

Princess Vespa

Photos of Princess Vespa, daughter of Roland, King of the Druids!!!!!!

Zeta, Slytherin Prefect from Harry Potter

Collection of photos from my Harry Potter movie version cosplay.

Sister Noelle, Trinity Blood

All things related to my artbook Sister Noelle Cosplay!