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Isane Kotetsu, Bleach

Pics of my Isane! Special thanks goes to Inoli....without your help, I wouldn't have had time to get this cosplay done...and it's now one of my favorites!

Shushou, Empress of Kyou, The Twelve Kingdoms (anime ver)

Pics of my Twelve Kingdoms cosplay!

Griffith, Formal Anime Ver., Berserk

Pics of my fabulously fantastic formal Griffith in all its retina-burning glory...

Shinji Ikari (plugsuit), Neon Genesis Evangelion

All pics of my plugsuit Shinji! All the sewing and patterning was done by a friend of mine, while I did all the resin casting and a few other pieces. This was made in about 3.5 days...and practically no sleep.

Diego Armando, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

Pics of my Diego cosplay! The vest and armbands were made by a friend. I have recently fixed up/tailored this cosplay, so more pics soon to come.

Berserk Props

An album just for my props from the anime/manga series, Berserk!!!! I will continue to add to it as things get finished!

Shelley Godwin, Xenosaga: The Animation

Progress pics of my Shelley.

Griffith, Berserk (Manga vol 4)

Finished pics and progress pics of my Griff:)

Lelouch Lamperouge, student uniform from Code Geass

Pics of my Lulu! This cosplay was made right before Anime Expo. A friend made the jacket and I put together the rest. Currently this cosplay is being repaired to be better fitting and more accurate.

Vatican Lilith Sahl, Original Trinity Blood Cosplay

So when you own enough TB begin to think up ways to combine them in fun here is Lilith in the Vatican Nun Habit! It is the same hat and overdress that I use in my Sister Noelle and Esther cosplays, but the petticoat I mad

Hatori Sohma, Fruits Basket Anime

Pics of my Haa-san!!! I love this series so much, both the anime and the manga!

Radu Barvon, Trinity Blood Original "Pajama" version

Pics of my PJ Radu, based off of the Trinity Blood manga version of Radu:)

Lilith Sahl, Crusnik Form (Trinity Blood Canon)

Progress pics of my white dress Lilith!

Mitsuru, Persona 3

Progress pics of Mitsuru, from Persona 3. This was a last minute cosplay, so it's still a work in progress. Stay tuned for more accurate shoes, wig, minor details and of course, the sword...

Jaina Solo, Star Wars "Legacy Era" version

Pics of my Jaina Solo cosplay from the cover of \"Invincible\".