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Borrowed Cosplays

An album for all those cosplays that belong to my friends.....that they got me to wear!

Veterinarian Sebastian, Kuroshitsuji

This is actually the "Doctor" version that appears in manga volume 2. However, as I am a veterinarian (and the white lab coat that I owned said 'Veterinary Teaching Hospital'), I decided to do a slight original spin on the manga version!

Hiccup, How to Train Your Dragon

Pics of me as Hiccup! Part of this cosplay belongs to Elendriel. I made Elendriel's ax that you'll see in these pics, as well as the Toothless costume that Otakuneomy is wearing (with help from my g-ma).

Serra Angel, Magic: The Gathering

Pics of my Serra Angel cosplay, along with the duplicate that I made for my cousin. Part of a group cosplay with Elendriel.

Princess Buttercup, The Princess Bride

Pics of my Buttercup! I chose to do the "riding dress" that Buttercup wears for most of the movie.

Sebastian Michaelis (ver. 1.0), Kuroshitsuji

Progress pics of my Sebastian. He was "wearable" for AX and Gencon, but not complete until NDK. So humor me for having the wrong wig!

Saito Hajime (Police Swordsman), Rurouni Kenshin

Pics of my Saito! All clothes and the sword/scabbard are made by me.

"Fountain Scene" Griffith, Berserk (anime)

Pics of yet another set of Griffith's clothes. There are finished version 2.0 pics in here, and then some earlier 1.0 pics. Never meant as a competition piece (couldn't afford the fabric I wanted at the time).

Sailor Mars

Pics of my Sailor Mars cosplay! I did not make the dress, gloves, tiara, or shoes. I did add wire to the bows, sew them on, make the earrings and the choker, and modify the hemline.

Suit! Sister Noelle, Trinity Blood Novels/Character Sketches

Pics of my Suit Noelle! This version of Noelle only appears in the novels and in the character sketches done by Thores. Had to make this suit from scratch.

Seiran Shi, Saiunkoku Monogatari (early anime ver)

Progress and finished pics of my tunic version of Seiran. When I get more time...I will make one of the more complicated versions.

Griffith, Berserk (early anime version and flashback scene)

Pics of my white shirt/red ties Griffith from the anime along with my "Casca's flashback of Griffith post night with Gennon" photoshoot pics.

Scheherazade Al-Rahman, Trinity Blood manga

Progress pics of my Schera! I chose to do the basic Empire dress and Esther's black coat that we see Schera wear for most of the 10th volume of the manga.

Jacen Solo, Star Wars "Legacy Era" version

This cosplay belongs to CloakedSchemer, with the exception of the boots (mine). CloakedSchemer, Otakuneaomy and I all wanted to do Star Wars for GenCon Indy 2009, so we shuffled our cosplays around to make it work.