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Her Imperious Condescension

The Condesce from Homestuck, done up all historical-like.

Haydee Tebelin

The rather more human-looking (and just as ridiculously involved) version of Haydee from the manga. This specific version is based on the cover of volume 3.

Ultros (Amano version)

There actually is a canon Amano illustration of Ultros. It does not look like this. It looks like a stupid purple octopus.

Titania: Field general uniform

From the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher. Nobody knows what she looks like, so I made it up.

Doctor Girlfriend

Something about little pink pillbox hats turns EVERYBODY into a complete tart. It's true.

Queen Elizabeth

An attempt to re-create the 'Golden Dress' from the movie "Elizabeth: the Golden Age". Note that I say 'attempt'--the movie won a costuming Oscar partially on the strength of this showpiece beast and I'm not even going to come close.

North Korea

The mysterious OTHER Korea from Axis Powers Hetalia.

Cave Swallow

Blind Greek beastie from Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo. Wears enough pearls to be a #[email protected]$ oyster.

Queen Marie

Marie Leszczynska, Queen Of Frickin' France and secretly stupendous badass.


Basically, an invisible pink magic vampire jellyfish. With big teeth. Now available for parties!

Sister Kate Scott

She's a hologram, a hotshot airship pilot, a woman of the cloth, AND she makes a damn fine cup of tea. Go Kate!


Gilgamesh in his Final Fantasy XII edition: six arms, six swords, one dog, ALL MAN, BABY.

Professor Hojo

Hojo is...icky. Weird and icky. Icky and weird. But oh, SO much fun.

Sandalphon's Family

A whole crew of icky little demon things, made to keep Sandalphon company. If there were an Angel Sanctuary family reunion, these would be the guys mooching around the punchbowl that everybody assumes somebody else invited.


What's not to love? He's a bastard, he's got long pretty hair, he's got a comfortable costume, and he's got an evil fetus hat. (that's Sandalphon. :) Sandy has his own gallery!)