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Arthas Lich King

Progress shots and eventually finished shots of my Lich King cosplay for my big sis.

Wedding Ashe

Photos' of my finished Wedding Ashe costume from Final Fantasy

Night Elf (Origional Design)

Pictures of my own design for a nightelf character based on the world of warcraft game.

Nightelf (Wildheart)

Photo's of my wildheart cosplay over a period of 2 years, whith different accessories and features.

Nightelf (Wallpaper)

Photo's of my very badly made nightelf cosplay based on some fan art


Over a period of three years i have upgraded and changed my Sasuke Cosplay, and here are the pics


Some photo's I took of a cosplay that,, well I think everyone has done at some point

Link and Wales

Some photo's I got of my completely unfinished Link cosplay from my holiday in Wales