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Poison Ivy

I made a costume version from a drawing of talented Alex Garner

Eternal Sailor Moon

Dream of my youth =)


Disney Princess

Corpse Bride - Emily

My favourite Tim Burton's work

Team Rocket - James/Kijiro

We as cosplay team R&R MUST make these chars! ))) Really Love these guys! )

Princess Jasmine - Aladdin Series

Black outfit from Aladdin series "The Blue Rose of Forgetfulness" We DID it!!! =))

Queen of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland

Costumes of the original design for our performance based on L. Carroll's "Alice inwonderland" but with new interpretation. Me as Queen of Hearts.

Princess Jasmine - Jafar's Slave

Do you remember her red costume from the first Aladdin movie? =) I really love it!

Ayanami Rei - NGE

All of my Rei's costumes