Lady Tyrona


Netherlands flag Netherlands

Celtic Warrior

A comfy costume to walk around in...and plunder other peoples villages. Ahhh, just another day in the life of a Celtic Horse woman. :D!

Mermaid Treasaria

Treasaria the turquoise mermaid of the ocean, protector of treasures and sea-life. Made to go with the awesome pink mermaid of DianA-sama. Full description can be found at the costume page for this costume.

Autumn Goddess/Spirit

Not only a mask, but the real deal, like dress shoes and everything! Yay!

Archer Zelda

Cause she kicks ass with bow and arrow.

Progress shots

Stuff in the making!

Winter Spirit

Autumn has passed, now it's time for the Spirit of Winter.

Autumn Spirit Mask

The face of a Spirit

Lara Croft - Legend

Those darn boots!

Lara Croft Classic

So far I have three different tops...2 shorts, 2 pair of boots and 3 rigs...that I didn't like. Who said that making a classic lara costume was easy?

Moth Queen

Original design Moth Queen costume. Armor made from resin, fabric and glue (very classy I know). Skirt mad of 11 yards of hand dyed silk and lycra. Bottom of dress is covered with black sequins. Headdress: silver leaves, glass beads and pearls.