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Cosplays from all sorts of anime.

Tiger & Bunny

Let the insanity begin ;)


Gotta love the droopy-eyed, smoking, cranky priest, no? I love cosplaying from older series.

Angelic Layer

Photos by Amara for the debut of my practice version of Hikaru! The rookie star of Angelic Layer!


Photos from others and our photoshoot taken by REL. :D

Code Geass R2 Photoshoot

Photoshoot taken by the very talented Khokolotte I had the honor of AmaraSan, OwlDepot, and Hab!t to join the shoot. Thanks guys for wanting to come! <3

Code Geass R2

Join the BLACK KNIGHTS! Pictures from Saboten-Con (thanks times a bazillion to all who posted on the forums, flickr, and photobucket!) Photos are from AmaraSan, Pyro, Garnet, Visciouswargoose, Kevin Dooley & Rel for the wonderful photos they took as

Ouran High School Host Club

Fear the OTAKU!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Photos taken by the Epic Khokolotte [url][/url] Our first full family cosplay with the last minute (happily) addition of my sis Natahka.


Preggo Cosplay XD

Commissioned Items

Props or pieces of costumes bought because I have no idea what im doing :P

NaruSasu Photoshoot

Photos taken by members of K.A.M.E Cosplay :) Naruto: V.V. Sasuke: Khi


Costumes, props and accessories for peeps :)

Family Cosplay

Photos of My family cosplay :)