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Cosplay Progress!

This is just where I'll post all of my progress pictures until things are finished. =]

The boy with the silly pink hat.

Timmy Turner love... my first Crossplay. XD

Ashley Graham - Resident Evil 4

As annoying as she was in the game... she still rocks hard.

Guitar Hero - Casey Lynch

Casey Lynch cosplay for our Guitfiddle group for Ikkicon 2008!

Cowboy bebop~!

This is from Onicon 2007. I cosplayed as Judy, from big shot!

Stephanie - Lazy Town!

No one's Lazy in Lazy Town~. (debut at AnimeFest 2007)

Videl Satan.

Old school goodness. <3


Together with my twin sister, Hee-Hee, and friend, Jenna-san. Twinzik Cosplay presents, YuRiPa! =D

Seven [Deadly] Sins

Conceptual Cosplay

Thief Rikku

(Final Fantasy X-2)