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I like trains, I like trains!

The loveable Selphie Tilmitt! (School uniform version!)

Gunner Yuna of FFX-2!

Yuna in all her cuteness!

Schrodinger's Cat~.

Hellsing fun!! Schro costume by Ochiba!

"Stand by!"

Markl of Howl's Moving Castle

The Evil Doctor of Halloween Town

So, this guy is amazing. And I was tired of everyone saying, "Hey, she only does cute girls, yada yada." WELL YEAH. FINK IN THE HOUSE!

Here's our mission so you'd better listen!

Cassidy and Butch from Pokemon! GAH. May be my favorite costume. =]

2nd KIRA

My Amane Misa cosplays~. :3

Juri of Yu Yu Hakusho!

For our fun Yu Yu group at Animefest 2008. :3 Old school FTW!


Sarah and the Sanderson Sisters Mayhem!

Mio Hio- the American cutie!

Mio of DNAngel. :3

Princess of the Timber Forest Owls.

Rinoa Heartilly from FFVIII. Such a fun group!

Kairi-- kid version!

LOVED these outfits. :3

Here you go... a magic violin!!

Lili from La Corda D'oro! I'll make it accurate one day... this was just for fun. :3

Dorothy - Big O

Everyone loves androids.

Meowth, that's right!

Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon! Or Gijinka group from Anime Matsuri.