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Everyone's favorite duck... Donald Duck! KH Style~.

Cast in the name of God...

...ye not guilty. Dorothy and all her awesome Android-ness.

SeeD Graduation

Selphie and Squall finally passed their Field Exam! Booyaka! (costume by ThatOneCosplayer)

Hyper-Active Cutie

My default Selphie Tilmitt cosplay!

"Run Peru Run"

My Library Girl cosplay that went with my boyfriend's Zell cosplay, which was my 21st birthday present from him. =]

Winter Rei

Myself as Rei, Eri as Asuka~

Dr. Gyro's Eighteenth Creation

Anything and everything Android 18.

Bartz Klauser

The mimic of Final Fantasy: Dissidia

Waltz for the Moon

My ballroom dress Rinoa! I plan on remaking this dress, I really don't like it.

My Dad's Ward Cosplay

My dad doesn't have an account, so I decided to put this up for him! It's too awesome not to show everyone! Ward Zabac from Final Fantasy VIII!

School Kid Selphie!

My Kindgom Hearts 2 School girl Selphie cosplay photos!


Dexter from Cartoon Network's Fusion Fall

Ada Wong

The lady in red from Resident Evil 4

Mission Start!!!

Roll Casket from Megaman Legends!

Old School Robotech!

Lynn Minmei of Robotech!