Balamb Garden , Texas
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Human!Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo!

Following the Leader~!

The Twin Lost Boys from Disney's Peter Pan! :D

Maya Fey

Spirit Medium!

Madness Returns

Alice...what have you done?

Goddess of Harmony

Cosmos from Dissidia: Final Fantasy

The Pokemon Mimic!

Duplica in all of her awesomeness. :)

High Class Commander Demons!

Scanty and Kneesocksu~ :)

Mother Nature

Poison Ivy and her evil charms~

Little Misa-Misa

One of her figure costumes.

Liberi Fatali

Sorceress Edea from FFVIII

Dissidia Tifa

Duodecim Midnight Release~!

What's the sitch?

Kim Possible!

Kingdom Hearts 1 Kairi

My brother's gf Casey as Kairi. Costume made (and for some photos worn) by myself. Hee-Hee styled the wig and some of the skirt.

Instructor Trepe

Myself as Quistis from FF8. SeeD cosplay by ThatOneCosplayer.