I do mostly video game or Star Wars costumes, but occasionally branch out into other things. I do a mix of buying and making my own costumes, wigs and props.

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Chicken Walker Driver

The place for Ewok extermination and mechanical Ballet.

BLU Soldier

In-progress shots for my BLU Soldier costume...for now.

Flame Handmaiden

My costume from The Phantom Menace.

Bad Medicine

Zat was doktor-assisted homicide! Enjoy the photos of the Medic from Team Fortress 2.

Otakon 2011

Lots of Team Fortress 2 with three or four other series/video games.

Katsucon 2011

Mostly the Team Fortress 2 photoshoot on Saturday.

Anime USA 2010

Mostly pics from Friday. Mostly TF2.

Imperial Officer

Photos of my long-awaited Imperial Officer costume.


Photos of my Griselda costume from Odin Sphere. Never heard of Odin Sphere? Think 2-D side-scrolling RPG for the PS2 with gorgeous graphics and lots and lots of food. It's worth a look if you've never played it before.

Otakon '08

Once again, I didn't take a huge number of photos. Most of the pictures I have are of Odin Sphere costumes, and the others are costumes from a bunch of seemingly unrelated series. Browse at your own peril.

Celebration IV Pixels

The biggest Star Wars convention yet! If you have a soft side for the Evil Empire (or belong to it!), you might enjoy some of my pictures. There are a few pictures of Rebel Scum as well.

The Imperial Coroner

Why yes, I do have a morbid sense of humor.

Anime USA '06 Pixels

I didn't take many photos at this convention, but if you were at the Fullmetal Alchemist shoot on Saturday night, a member of the Demonic Fighting Mongoose Dog Alchemists skit, or an obscure (or even non-anime) character, I might have a picture of you.

Intrepid Archaeologist

Indiana Jones cosplay photos--yay.

Stormtrooper Shots

A place for my stormtrooper photos.