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=+= Blooming Sunday =+=

\"I want to live! Take me out to sea with you!\" -Nico Robin

-!♥!- Mouth-To-Mouth -!♥!-

\"YOU are a million years under-evolved, primitive monkey!\" -Haruhara Haruko

((¢)) Crushing Weapon ((¢))

"Boyfriend or no boyfriend, I'm gonna give this job my all!" -Marie Mjolnir

<<- Cold Blade ->>

"Please tell me you're here to kill me." -Mai

--\\ white doves fly //--

"Who are you?" -Yorda

o}{o Hard Luck Woman o}{o

"You know the first rule of combat?" -Faye Valentine

^\/^mih jinawah yeh kelas^\/^

"We call ourselves Romani. It means, 'people'." -Noah

-',','- palegas superbia -',','-

"Let me be free of this nightmare..." Pride!Edward

-#&#-Decaying Heart-#&#-

"You still believe in that tale told to children?" -Dante

:o:o:The Tentacle Protest:o:o:

&quotCthulu Causes Cancer!" -protester

)@( beautiful mother )@(

"Please...could you make something for me...?" Trisha Elric

-(o)- Stray Dog Strut -(o)-

"'All' is the world. 'One' is me." Edward Elric

\/\/\White Magic Woman/\/\/

"Do you carry any restraining-order spells?" White Mage

~3:Dangerously Charming:8~

"Neh, sensei... *blows a kiss*" Oiroke no Jutsu

::|::-Soul Pure as Snow-::|::

"To protect my precious person..." Angel Haku