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Anime LA 9

LAX Marriot. Was there all weeken but sadly didn't get many photos. but here what i got. I was the Seth for this year.

Trinity Blood!

Seth Nightroad-me ; Tress (gunslinger) - My love

Anime LA 7

My first animela con!!!


Sakura- 100% me, made Syron- 0% my love, half closet and half made

Anime Expo 2010

Images of all 4 days, Thursday-Sunday! Most of these people are other people.. Its a con Alboum... I was only the Kagura, Towa, Kenshin, and Hotohori... The rest was my photagrapy.

Towa, The Enternal Guide

D N Angel - Finished

Richard from LFG

A costume the is under construction for my friends. We finaly did a test run of it so I have to finish himming the top. fix the hood a bid.. and make the sholders stay in place.

Fruits Basket

any Fruits Basket Gathing my firneds and I may have. Costumes: I made Ayame, Kagura, Kisa, Arisa; the otheres who werars them made them thire selfs.

Automn Dream 2009

Ani-Magic/ Automn Dream convention. Saterday Only (10/10/09) I'm the Diaske Niwa!!!! and I just took lots and lots of pictures of the other cosplayer! =^.^=

dress water theemed

This is a dress I've designed and was making for my art club's ball that never happened... So I was looking at it and though I could make it into a original cosplay, so I would like help figuring out what I should make with this... ex: farri, neko, elf...

Autum Dream 2008

I was the hiei and Yue, my friends are the yuske and boton.

Piret Kenshin

My Kenshin confortion into a Piret for the Rum Party at Ani-magic 07


Coustume made for my friend as a birthday gift and for ani-magic

Ani-magic '07

pics form Friday to saturday... Manly shoped so no pic from sunday unforgently