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Jaryn / The Glitterati [ Dance Central 2 - Street Style ]

Katsucon 2012 - Nate and I had way too much fun in these. It was dangerous. It was also easy cause we just looked mean all night.

Mary/Maria [ Silent Hill 2 ]

Katsucon 2007 & 2012 - I made this costume a long time ago and had a bunch of things I wanted to fix on it. In 2012, I decided to do just that and bring the costume back out!

Tenel Ka Djo [ Star Wars: EU - fanart-inspired - NJO ]

Dragon*Con 2011 - I have always loved a certain piece of Tenel Ka fanart by Todd-the-Fox and when I asked him if I could make a costume inspired from it, he gave me an excited yes and this is what happened! XD

Jasmine Jolene [ BioShock ]

Dragon*Con 2011 - We planned to do these costumes at the Aquarium then we heard Irrational Games was sending people out to see all the cosplayers there so we knew we had to do it! ;D

Meg Masters [ Supernatural ]

Dragon*Con 2011 - Giant Supernatural group at Dragon*Con? Of course I would have to bring a costume! SPN = wooo! I put together the first version of Meg Masters. :D

Ariel (sail dress) [ Disney's The Little Mermaid ]

Dragon*Con 2011 - At the last minute for D*C, we got roped into a Disney group and threw together these costumes! TLM has always been one of my favorite Disney movies so this was lots of fun!

June [ 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors / 999 ]

Dragon*Con 2011 - Again, like I said with Santa - 999 is one of the most amazing games I ever laid my hands on so of course I would continue to make costumes from it, haha~ June is my other favorite besides Santa!

Tenel Ka Djo [ Star Wars: EU - LotF: Tempest cover ]

D*C 2006 & 2008, Anime USA 2007, Katsucon 2011 - I recently fixed up a few pieces of this costume so I moved these into their own gallery!

Santa [ 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors / 999 ]

Katsucon 2011 - 999 is one of the most incredible games we had ever played and we knew we had to make costumes. Nate still wants to make Snake & I've started work on June! We were so excited that some friends were planning 999 costumes for Katsu!

Barbie [ Toy Story 3 ]

Halloween '10 & Katsucon '11 - Nate and I loved TS3 and we figured these would be a lot of fun to make and wear! Our favorite aspect on Halloween was how much the kids around the neighborhood loved it. XD

Tenel Ka Djo [ Star Wars: EU - Warrior Queen version ]

Dragon*Con 2010 - I wasn't planning on making a new Tenel Ka outfit for D*C, but I found this vest and fell in love with it and then couldn't help but build a whole outfit around it! I wanted a sort of mix of warrior/royalty with this one. :D

Elaine Marley [ The Secret of Monkey Island ]

Dragon*Con 2010 - I've always loved the Monkey Island series and as Nate and I recently played the remakes we talked about making a chicken with a pulley in the middle and it all unraveled from there! ;D

Drowning Doom Ophelia [ Brütal Legend ]

Dragon*Con 2010 - Love Aphy for doing the makeup, love Nate as a Grave Digger and absolutely love Double Fine for making this amazing game. It never gets enough love. XD

Tenel Ka [ Star Wars: EU - New Jedi Order: Star by Star ]

CIII/Dragon*Con 2010 - I originally wore this to CIII, but there was talk of doing it at D*C '10! It was just as fun the second time around and just makes me want to read the New Jedi Order again, lol. XD

Chuck [ Pushing Daisies ]

Balticon 2010 - Draelight and I love PD so much and figured we could show it some <3 with costumes! We also adore Ned and Chuck so it worked out very well. And The Pie Hole! XD