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Connecticon 07

Pics from the Connecticon 07 con of other cosplayers (possibly with me in them).

Sailor Mars - Sailor Moon

Progress, finished, and wearing pics of my cosplay of Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. Currently on hold.

Kitsoru - Original

Home to any pics I may ever take of any version(s) I may ever cosplay of Kitsoru, my original character. How's THAT for uncertainty!? :D

Anime Boston 2007

Pics from the Anime Boston 07 con

Felicia - Darkstalkers

Progress, finished, yada yada of Felicia from Darkstalkers for AB 08.

Baiken - Guilty Gear

Progress, finished bits, finished worn pics of Baiken from Guilty Gear (for Anime Boston '08).

Sol Badguy - Guilty Gear

Progress and finished pics of Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear for Halloween 06 and Anime Boston 07 (Friday)

Paracelsus - Guilty Gear

Progress pictures of Paracelsus, ABA's key axe from Guilty Gear Isuka and onwards. Scrapped project.

May - Guilty Gear

Pics of my cosplay of May from Guilty Gear for Anime Boston 07- progress, finished bits, wearing, etc. Also, beach photoshoot pics.

Jam Kuradoberi (Fighting and Formalwear)- Guilty Gear

Shots of the construction, progress, and wearing of my original Jam costume and GGX Artbook formalwear. Retired gallery. New Jam costumes will be in a future gallery :B

Anime Boston 2006

Pics of the Anime Boston 2006 convention

Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho

shots of my cosplays of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, both 1st and 2nd versions.