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Elvira Photoshoot - June 2011

Elvira photoshoot taken with boyfriend.

Baskervilles Photoshoot - SakuraCon 2010

Unofficial impromptu photoshoot with a really cool Lotti I met at the con after the "official" PandoraHearts gathering. Random cameo's by Break too!

Pandora Hearts Photoshoot - SakuraCon2009

Unofficial Photoshoot at SakuraCon 09 for the series Pandora Hearts

Heroic Age Group - SakuraCon 2009

Last day of SakuraCon and we finally got all the cosplayers together. Woot!

Yuki's Bedsheets

If Yuki subscribed to LaLa, I bet you, she'd have these.

New Years Eve 2008

Vampire Knight photoshoot bunnyasha and I did on New Years Eve