Sydney , NSW
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Photoshoot – Dragon Ball Z [Light of Hope]

• Trunks – Alita • Android 17 – Soots • Android 18 – Athira • Photographer – Jason Gaffey • Director – Jean

Photoshoot – Sailor Pluto

Photographers: • Jason Gaffey • Mark Arraiza

Photoshoot – Daenerys Targaryen [Qarth Dress]

Photographer – Jason Gaffey Assistant – Jean Sibert

Photoshoot – Rozen Maiden

Clare as Shinku Athira as Sugintou Photographers – Brenda & Sharuru

SMASH 2013

Con was held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Cosplayed as Anthy Himemiya [Duelist version]

Evangelion 2012 Photoshoot

It was Boxing Day, the weather was cool with a nice breeze all day and broke into the nearest school with no security, the fence was fully opened and no one in sight! We had so much fun!

Utena Photoshoot 2012

Had an Utena photoshoot with the Sydney-siders this time! This photoshoot was postponed for a good year due to personal reasons and there's nothing could make us more happier that we finally have done it! This was also my first time to dress up to