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Lavi/Rabi (D.Gray-man)

Temporary version worn at Fanime 2006. Fixing in progress. If I ever get around to it.


Worn at a single photosession only, for obvious reasons.

Sochie Heim (Turn-A Gundam)

Complete and active. Worn at Otakon 2006, Otakon 2006 Masquerade, JTAF4. Can you tell I ♥ Sochie?

Makeup Super Happy Fun Time

stuff I did with makeup. :o

Lina Inverse in Wonderland (Slayers TRY)

Active: worn at Anime Destiny 2005, JTAF3

HOWL IN A TOWEL (Howl's Moving Castle)

One shot costume: Yaoicon 2005. DESPAIR! ANGUISH! HORROR!

Sakuma Ryuichi - Frilly Concert Shirt (Gravitation)

Active: worn at Yaoicon 2005, Fanime 2006, AX06

Black-Haired Howl

A more casual Howl. Active costume, worn at photoshoots and Sakuracon 2006

Beppo / Peppo (Gankutsuou)

Active: worn at SacAnime August 05, Halloween

Hiiragizawa Eriol - Wizard Robes (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Active: worn by friends at AX03 and CBF04, worn by me at private photoshoot

Child Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

V1 Retired, V2 Active: V1 worn at Wondercon 2005, Anime Expo 2005. V2 worn at Sakura-con 2006

Homeless Costumes

Costumes without enough pics for an album: Tamaki Suoh, Lusca, Ghetto Howl, Bikini Chopper, Lollipop Sanji, Ruby Moon, Ghetto Delirium, Toboe

Howl - Triangle Coat (Howl's Moving Castle)

Retired: worn at Wondercon 2005, Anime Overdose 2005, WIC-TOP 2005, Fanime 2005, and Anime Expo 2005

Kohaku - Original design (Wish)

Retired: original version worn at Fanime 2004, New Version worn at Halloween 2004, San Jose Toy and Comics Show 2005

Really old stuff

Abandon faith, ye who enter here. This is totally ancient stuff that I can't bring myself to delete.