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Let's Go, Fairy Tail!

Okay, lame album name. In any case, please enjoy the pics of the FT gathering at NDK 2012, courtesy of Ohki_85!

Sweet Darkness

Sakura Matou, master-version, from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. Also, pictures from the Fate gathering at NDK '12, courtesy of Ohki_85! Enjoy!

Just Be Friends...

Pics of my JBF Luka! Please enjoy

Jewel of the Imperial Palace

Shoukei is a character from Twelve Kingdoms. You only briefly see her as a princess, before her father is overthrown. She changes immensely, from being a spoiled and ignorant princess, to a politically savvy young woman that comes to understand the conseq

Fire Emblem- Serra?!

Serra's quite possibly the most obnoxious cleric you'll ever meet- and that's what makes her fun! Pictures from Fanime 2012, and more!

Knockin' on Death's Door

Liz & Patti from Soul Eater! Taken at NDK 2011, you'll notice some specific shots with our Meister, Kidd- and have we got some plans ahead! Pictures courtesy of ohki85!

Butterfly Wings

Vocaloid's Luka Megurine, from Magnet! This costume is self-styled to my own image of it! Pictures courtesy of Ohki85!!


Mange Yaone from Gensomaden Saiyuki. And what makes this outfit so much fun, I ask you? Chains, of course. Lots of chains!

Hang Overs Installed and Serviced

You have a full Saiyuki group at NDK, plus waitress Yaone. Was there any doubt the drinking challenge would happen? No real alcohol used, sadly.

May I Take Your Order?

Waitress Yaone fun! After all, what do you do, when you find the perfect pink Chinese dress, and you're cosplaying Yaone? Just need to work on that wig, really.

TRY Again!

Filia Ul Copt from Slayers! Photos courtesy of EBK and Ohki85!

Just Deserts

Yay for Bakuretsu Hunters! Me as Tira and Ohki_85 as my Onee-sama, Chocolate! Sweet and tasty, with a little bit of a sting, wouldn't you say?


The beginning images of my first-ever crossplay! There will be plenty of pictures to come, courtesy of my friend, Ohki_85, and EBK! Souji's so adorable and violent- I love 'im!

Heart of Summer

Holy cow! I can't believe I haven't uploaded any of these pics! This was a photoshoot at AX 2009. It was -supposed- to be a full-on DOAX photoshoot, with multiple girls. However... Well, as you can see, I wound up being the only girl there. Pics from EBK.

Holy Apostle

My Micaiah cosplay! this was just an easy-to-do cosplay i threw together at the last minute. I hope to get better pictures in the future.