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Black Butler

During A-Kon 21 I was able to photograph three lovely costumes from Black Butler. Unsurprisingly, they later won a craftsmanship award in the cosplay contest.

Rinoa and Seifer

A few photos from the doomed romance of Seifer and Rinoa.

Fate/Stay Night

True to the name of the series, this photoshoot occurred in the wee hours of the morning. We wandered downtown Los Angeles, being politely ejected from two separate locations and joyfully greeted by patriotic passersby.

Code Geass

I spent an evening with Suzaku and Euphemia from Code Geass during Anime Expo 2009.


The beautiful OwlDepot and I were able to get together during Anime Expo and get some pictures of one of her many Kallen costumes.

Zombie Loan

Chika has seen better days.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Fill the Kool-Aid man with every color of paint you can find, have him crash through the wall into Sakura-Con, and have four feisty kids fight him to the death with spandex and wig wefts and you'll have a good idea of how this photoshoot felt.


Not one but two pairs of friends doomed to be rivals, a dreamseer who doesn't see her own dreams, four-handed swords, eye trauma, CLAMP, and the end of the world.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Venus, Princess Serenity, and Artemis in his human form.

Dark Saber

A photoshoot of Dark Saber and her impressive armored dress from Sakura-Con 2009.


Larxene of the dreaded Organization XIII stalks the Washington State Convention and Trade Center and is unimpressed by all the joy and fun within.

Final Fantasy VIII

The beautiful Washington State Convention and Trade Center, home to Sakura-Con, was a fine backdrop for the sorceresses Edea and Rinoa, and their champions, Squall and Seifer.