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Taken at Ficosplay where I was presenting, we had lots of guests!

Fanboy Adventures

Pics goofing around in my Otaku Famboy costume with friends at two different cons.

The Traveller's Rest

Kyuubrand in an original design inspired by Leiji Matsumoto's characters. Photoshoot made in collaboration with ayanami_rei01

Genma & Ranma

This is a set of pics taken at Temuco with my girlfriend *Hachiko* as Ranma. We had a lot of fun cosplaying as father and "son"

Kobayashi Yojimbo

Bodyguard for hire. Some shots with friends at cons, I really enjoyed this one, specially the bad-a** attitude.

Perseus/Andromeda photoshoot

A couple of friends asked me to play Perseus for a apecial Perseus/Andromeda research and I really enjoyed it. Pics by Xoid

Bulma, Romantic Ageru Yo

*Hachiko* as Bulma from Dragon Ball, in a private session. The idea gets its inspiration in the first ending of Dragon Ball.

Charlie Brown - From Peanuts

People loved it, and it features my girlfriend as Lucy.

Howl visits the real world.

*Hachiko* as Howl from Howl\'s Moving Castle, in a session during Natsu no Matsuri. The idea was to portray a Howl visiting our world, after which he doesn\'t like what he sees and leaves in sadness.

Kobajiro, Kitano Style

My little homage to Takeshi Kitano. I loved this yakuza style outfit!

Yasu - From Nana (Red Tie)

This are from the second and further timer I cosplayed as Yasu from Nana. This time I really liked those leather pants and boots. Threy were so stylish! Enjoy!

Morozumi Taizan - From Samurai Spirits 64 2 (Unfinished Version)

This is the unfinished and early version of this costume. I still need the paintbrush, the right glasses and the bandage in my legs. Anyway I got help from three very dear friends to get it done. Notice the cool looking embroidered kanzis!

Tenshin Han - From Dragon Ball

Incredible costumes by Macko and Yasuki! Great job by Master Tsusu and Chaos! Lots of pics and fun.

Tenshin Han - From Dragon Ball Z

A really funny day wearing this really comfortable costume! Most of the pics are with Naki dressed as Lunch in her blonde version. I loved that third eye!

Jamie Hyneman - From MythBusters

The funniest costume ever, everyone recognized me instantly! And I mean everyone! After three long months of letting the moustache grow, you can see the results. Me and my partner had a lot of fun as the MythBusters!