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Alice in Wonderland: Steampunk Style

We got together for the Tea Party this year and decided to do Steampunk. Then AiW was thrown around, and we got nearly an entire cast. I'm gonna try to do it chronologically with the story. Pictures were taken by *Shiva*, ChibiRinoa, and Animechicky2040


Pictures of Hildegard von Krone from Soul Calibur IV.


Pictures of Nareesha from Bizenghast

Anime Boston 2008

The random and the few pictures taken at this year's convention.

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Pictures of my costume of Shuurei's governor's outfit.


The Sea-Witch with tentacles: A hentai nightmare! This is the Kingdom Hearts version, slightly different than Disney.

Fall Photoshoot 2007

A small series of photos taken in the city.


The little, overlooked, handyman moogle.

Empress Shushou

This is from the obscure but very cool Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokki). I feel that I really didn't do the costume complete justice as of yet. This was my first major wig project, and I learned a lot from it. Necklace and bow have been redone.

Salem September Gathering

A Gathering of the freaks (hahaha!) in the town of Salem MA. Cemetery shots and others abound.

Queen Brahne

Progress and photos of Queen Brahne from FF IX. This costume took about 4 months of blood, sweat and burns to complete.

Random Things

Stuff that is either original, or doesn't have an album of its own.

Alice in Wonderland (Well, Pembroke)

This is a gathering of Alice in Wonderland. All credit goes to Bruce who did a tremendous job with the pictures! These are his pics, which really make us look good. © 2006 Bruce OBryan Photography

More Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is my work on Suki, a fan-dancer/warrior from the series. She's a minor character, but can kick butt with her fans. (I must have a thing for chicks in makeup)

Klarion, The Witch Boy

Ever since I saw Batman, the Animated Series, I always wanted to do a costume of him. I decided to make it a little different, by making it a little loli instead and female. Instead of cropped hair, it's shoulder length, and added a skirt and ruffles.