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ACEN 2007


ACEN 2007

In Progress Costumes

Images will be removed or moved once a finished gallery is posted

Mr. K - Gravitation

=) OH how I love violent Americans

Seimei Aoyagi - Loveless

Yup one way or another I will have Soubi...Buwhahaha Actually I was just messing around with my new haircut...I even suckered in a Ritsuka lol.

Yuuri Shibuya - Kyo Kara Maoh

Yuuri's outfit in the PS2 game. Otaku's on Ice 2006

Ritsuka Aoyagi - Loveless

I'm going to find a Soubi even if it resorts to dressing like his jailbait boyfriend lol.

Natsuo Sagan - Loveless

Male zero's rock... Reactor 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean

That's Captain Jack Sparrow!