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Ashe/ Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy rocks!! Ashe is so cute and cool at the same time!

Ryuu-sei Uniform/ Original



Pictures which I can't putting in order. Originals/ Hermione / etc..

Crossover/ Original

Mixed costumes xD


My first costume! I like it so much ^^

Selphie/ Final Fantasy 8

My Selphie costume ^^

Miwako/Paradise Kiss

Miwako is such a cutie! But Yukari is cool aswell. I hope I can do Yukari,too...

Cure Black/Pretty cure

www.ryuu-sei.de Here you can find all my stage costumes which I sew for our Showgroup Ryuu-sei. ^-^ You can find the halloween version and the normal one of my Cure Black costume in this Album ^^

Student/Battle Royale

Some pictures of my Battle Royale Cosplay