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My cherry Lolita original costume ^^

Hotaru Tomoe/ Sailor Moon


Miyako/ Bible Black

Bohaha! This was my first Hentai costume on a very crappy conv! But I love my group, so we had alot of fun! ^__^


My beloved Sadako costume! xD

Cosplays for my friends

Xiaoyu Ling, Bulma... etc.

Marie Antoinette by Haruvamp

Many thanks and kisses to Haru, that I had the pleasure to wear this beautiful dress!

Anna/He is my Master

Rrr... be my master mister xD

Yukari Hayasaka/ Paradise Kiss

This was such a dream... but it's destroyed now. Maybe I'll wear it sometimes... I hope so -.-

Nana Oosaki/ NANA

I love her. I love NANA *__* Nothing else to say muhaha~ *O*

Dollfie no Ageha/ Original

Yes! I wore it on my first french Convention. I loved to be in that fantastic group, with all these amazing costumes <3 5 hours to dress up... that's all ^^; Design is by Gina Wetzel and HaruVamp ^^ (original)

Riku Harada/ DN Angel

It's borrowed by Spidey ^-^ Thank youuuuuuu!!!! *knülls*

Tifa Lockheart/ Final Fantasy AC

Yes...half finished at the moment and I dunno, if I will finish it ôo I'm not very happy about the outcome. Tell me what you think. Maybe it's okay ^^

Link/Soul Calibur

Taddaaaa~ my next Showgroup costume for our new programme "Densetsu". I love this green Outfit xDD~


This costume was borrowed by dears! It is such a beautiful dress! Thank you so much!! ^^