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Sakuracon 2017

Refurbished Lunara and made Wicke brand-new for Sakuracon 2017. Had my first professional, paid photoshoot, two of them in fact! This may be Lunara\'s last appearance in full for some time; most pieces of her are still fine but some other major parts


Standalone images of props I've made, that may have been used at multiple events or for multiple cosplays.

PAX Prime 2011

My first PAX Prime (now West)! I wore one cosplay that was thrown together at the last minute and I don't think anyone knew who I was without being with my Atlas and P-body friends but I still had a great time. Some of my favorite memories are from this c

PAX West 2016

New name, same con! Lunara was my big project for this one, and Sans got a prop. Helped my boyfriend finally make (a) Papyrus, and did a silly meme cosplay with my friends.

Sakuracon 2016

I did Sans on Friday, Amethyst Saturday, and my hand-made frog kigu Sunday. Boyfriend's Papyrus cosplay fell apart Friday morning but he was able to join me at the SU shoot as Tiger Millionaire!

WIPs and Progress

WIPs and progress shots of any and all cosplay.

Sakuracon 2015

Everything from Sakuracon 2015.

Sakuracon 2013

Photos of any and all cosplays and random stuff from Sakuracon 2013.

PAX Prime 2013

Anything and everything from PAX Prime 2013. First time my boyfriend got to attend.

PAX Prime 2014

Anything and everything from PAX Prime 2014. First time my friend and her husband got to attend.