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Red and Black Robin~

Hugely whole long story behind this cos... it went from being thrown-together to nearly perfected. This cos holds a very special place in my heart, since it was pretty much my first cos that got some sort of recognition at a con.. happiest day of my life

AnimeBoston07 (Saturday only)

AnimeBoston 2k7! My first AB =) I has lotsa pix! Yay pix! Yes, there are a lot from the Naruto shoot, but I was taking them for my Nii-san (the Kakashi with the two masks...*shakes head*) There are a lot of other people, too, though! Check it ou

This is Halloween...

My absolutely LOVELY (x.x) Halloween Town Kairi v2.0: Pumpkin Queen. It was debuted at my college's Anime Club's Halloween Weekend...cuz my college is just that cool ^^

Lil bro's limelight

My little bro's spot in the cosplay world...including his Roronoa Zoro cos and the day that I got bored and decided to give him makeup that looks like Zuko's flame-scarred eye ^^


Me being bored and doing different hairstyles on myself. Hair styles include Robin Sena and Rikku (FFX style)


Stuff I'm working on, for me or other people. Some of this stuff is done, some is not.

My first photoshoot!

A private shoot in my backyard, taken before I was my group's semi-official photographer. It features my Halloween Town Kairi: Black Cat and Hermione Granger: Pre-movie Art costumes.

AnimeNext 2006--Friday

As many of my Friday pictures as my attention span will allow me to upload =D

AnimeNext 2005

Pix I took at AnimeNext 2005. Hopefully more soon!