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Drop of Poison

Poison Ivy iterations

Girls Talk Too Much!

Wendy Darling [[Peter Pan]]


All sorts of antics involving Rogue [[X-Men]] Presently including: First Outfit, Dracula dress

Why Don't You Do Right?

Jessica Rabbit [[Who Framed Roger Rabbit?]]

Police Girl

Seras Victoria [[Hellsing]] and variants. Presently including: OVA 1 Seras, Lolita/White Seras, Gothic Formal Seras, Raver Blood Seras, Steampunk Seras

Et al~

Fantasy, Mythology, Steampunk and OC's. Presently including: Artemis [[Greek mythology]], Capt. A. Artemis Falconer [[Steampunk]]

Saber, the Servant

Saber [[Fate/Stay Night]] and variants. Presently including: Casual Saber, Kimono Saber, Dark Servant Saber (original)


Pictures of Izumi Orimoto (Digimon Frontier) and her buddies Kouji (krispykira) and Takuya (DigitalHopper) at AnimeNext 2008

Vampire Rikku

Vampire/ goth/ dark songstress/ original design Rikku, debuted Otakon 2008 =]

Sir Hellsing <3

Integra [[Hellsing]] and variants. Presently including: Green suit Integra, Formal Integra, Beach! Integra

Bakuretsu Tenshi~~~

Meg [[Burst Angel]]

Takin' to the Skies...

Ringo [[Air Gear]] and variants

This is STILL Halloween... xD

Halloween Town Kairi.. my final attempt! Worn only at Otakon 2007 so far, but I don't think I'm retiring her yet x3

Crazy Burst Angel~!

My (kinda thrown-together) Meg cos, debuted at MangaNext 2007. Not Selphie >D Much luff to my chaps. Those things have a special place in my heart (and closet).

Robin desu~

Robin desu! My first costume that's not, in any way, shape or form, altered, changed, or made in a way that makes it unlike the character. I am proud.