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Gunsmith Cats

Rally & Minnie May based off of manga illustrations. Rally: Minnie May:

Tenchi Muyo

Pictures of my Princess Ayeka & other Tenchi characters.

White Ninjetti

White Ninjetti Power Ranger made in honor of the fact that the Power Rangers (Jason David Frank in particular) were attending Anime Central 2008.

Asahina Mitsuki

My Asahina costume from Haunted Junction. Made for Anime Iowa 2007, but premiered at Ohayocon 2008.

Princess Toadstool

Various shots of my Princess Peach Toadstool costume, premiered at Ohayocon 2008.


All other costumes; whether historical or just fun costumes go here. ^_^

White Mage School Girl (Original)

Just a fun little outfit I did for Anime Iowa 2006 inspired by Final Fantasy I. (I actually like the shoes the most!!) XD

Princess Zelda - Maiden Outfit

A collection of my Shotaro Ishinomori-inspired Maiden Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


This portion is dedicated to some of the shots I've taken. I'm an amateur but look foward to really getting to learn by using cosplayers as my subject. I never would have thought that photography could be so fun until I actually started doing it!!

Chun Li - Black Version

The first Chun Li I made was a black varient. I always figured when Chun Li & I got busy, we were going for the darker colors. ^^; It was really fun making this costume. I honestly want to make more color varients..because I'm a geek. =B

Monique - Legend of Mana

This is sorta a dream costume of mine..I just wish I had more time to finish it like I wanted to. I had lost some weight in the middle of the costume and so it didn't fit right plus so much of it was rushed. This costume WILL be revisted in the future!!

B.B. Hood/Bulleta

My B.B. Hood costume from Dark Stalkers. Made in one night to have a costume to go with my friend, Frobischer's Donovan Baine & my sister, Dali-Lamb's Felicia. Debuted at Anime Central 2006

Chun Li - Red Striker

Chun Li, Red Stiker costume made specifically for Anime Iowa. Made out of quality red satin I had bought for another project but ended up turning into this costume in a moment of inspiration (I had *just* enough!!)

Anime Central 2005

Pictures of costumes from Anime Central 2005

Ghaleon - Lunar Eternal Blue

Pictures of my Ghaleon from Lunar Eternal Blue!