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Wandering , New Jersey
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Master Chief - Halo

Finish the Fight!

Modern Warfare: Call Of Duty

Album for my in progress and completed pics for my Task Force 141 operative (MW2) and my US Marine/my real job (CoD4)

James Grayson: Resistance Retribution

Straight from Resistance Restribution on the PSP, the angry pissed off British Marine who ends up liberating all of France of the Chimera mostly by himself. Pics by Eurobeat King

AnimeNEXT 2007

features Super Smash bros Brawl Solid Snake and Snake Plissken from Escpae from New York

Dark Boy Sabata

First Boktai cosplay on the forums!! bow chika bow wow! Actual wig still in process of styling, will have in time for Anime USA.

Dark Swordsman Lucian - Lunar Knights

Score, first Lunar Knights cosplayer on the forum. Pics thanks to Oshi.

Valkyrie Profile shoot at Otakon 2007

these guys were awesome. Pics were of UasgiNoSenshi-Alicia Get2Burning-Rufus YagamiRaito-Lezard Valeth Edgar Strife-Jun

Soma Cruz

Castlevania: Minuet Of Dawn/Aria Of Sorrow need a good wig, but dont know how to style so screw it.

Counter Terrorist Operative-ANBU

[Original Design]-I could have done a normal ANBU, but that would make me like everyone else, so NO.

Leon Belmont-Castlevania: Lament Of Innocence

The true beginning of the eternal struggle between the Belmont clan and the darkness of the night.

Adrian Farenheit Tepes-Alucard- Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Alucard, with his insanely overdetailed clothing, Ayame Kojima must be a sadist for cosplayers.

Solid Snake-Metal Gear Solid

FINALLY I get these pictures up. and its almost completed

Mikhail Victorov

one of the UBCS mercanaries from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis/Last Escape

Johnathan Ingram from Policenauts

a character from a very unkown game, only pure MGS fans would know of my existence

The One Winged Angel, Sephiroth

everything i got that proves true fandom to the great One Winged Angel