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Babydoll - Sucker Punch

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

Asami Sato

I can handle myself

Thief Rikku - FFX-2

Duck soup!!!

Chii - Chobits

pantsu pantsu pantsu...PANTSU KUDASAI!

Selphie Tilmitt - FF8

Trains trains trains EXPLOSIONS trains trains trains

Festival Goer Rikku - FFX-2

FFX-2 International Last Mission Throwing giant gold fish at people as a weapon? YES PLEASE!!!

EVA Gym Uniforms

P.E. never looked so....bare-bottomed O_o

Luna Lovegood - H.P.

I hope they have pudding!

Rikku (FFX) Version 2.5-3

Did you... hit your head or something?

Rikku "Bare" Dressphere!

naked naked naked naked naked naked (FFX-2 International Last Mission - only released in Japan)

Festival Rei and Asuka

Yukata time!!

Steampunk Crew

I wanna get steamy witcha!

Assassin’s Creed Courtesans

Photobombing, corsetted cuties wanting your company for quite a pretty penny! They\'re worth it as long as you don\'t mind dirty feet XD

Shiva - Final Fantasy X

Queen of the Ice world summoned to help some 17 yr old girl defeat a huge-ass monster!! Acen 2010- the bulk of this costume was made in 3-4 days before the con. Now on to finishing the rest!