Marysville , Ohio
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Merle (Escaflowne)

One of my Very First Costumes! I wish I had some better pics of this costume :) Costume by

Ohayocon 2007

Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to Nezumi Chan for letting me use some of her photos. My camera was down most of the time XD

Ohayocon 2007 EBK Private Photoshoot

Uchiha Sakura (Summoner Yuna), Nezumi Chan (Lenne), and my (Gunner Yuna) private photoshoot. Thanks to EBK for taking such great pics! *Note*: I did not make the Gunner Yuna costume, just modeling it ^^

Ohayocon 2006

Columbus, Ohio. Best Ohayocon Ever!

Anime Punch 2006

Worthington, Ohio. Thanks to Ryuu_Raigeki for great photo ideas!