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May < Guilty Gear

Mr. Dolphin! I need your help!!

Nagase < King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

Secret Ninja Powers activate!

Toph Bei Fong < Avatar:The Last Airbender

My name's Toph because it sounds like TOUGH.


Oooo your my best friend, in a world we must defend!

Raven < Teen Titans

What's the matter? Afraid of the dark?

Raspberyl < Disgaea 3:Absence of Justice

Conquering the Netherworld, one monster at a time.


Commissions for friends

BB Hood < Darkstalkers 2

Little killer with a smile

Kamikirimusi < Soul Calibur IV

Soul Edge will be mine!

Rider < Fate/Stay Night

Purple Shiny Doom!

Morrigan Aensland < Darkstalkers

Don't be scared! It only hurts a little...