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Kaoru Kamiya

Me as Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin!

Seong Mi-na

Here's me as Seong Mi-na from Soulcalibur III!

Misato Katsuragi (jacket outfit)

Here's my full Misato album! I'm so proud of this outfit and I loooooove being her!

Misato Katsuragi (1st episode outfit)

Me as a simple version of Misato, her outfit she picks Shinji up in!


Me as Revy from Black Lagoon

Integra Hellsing

Me as Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing

Enma Ai

Me as Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo

Lara Croft

Me as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Umi Ryuuzaki (Artwork Cover)

Me as Umi Ryuuzaki Artwork Cover Version from Magic Knight Rayearth

Re-l Mayar

Me as Re-l Mayar from Ergo Proxy

Tifa Lockhart (Original)

Me as Original Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII!

Nana Oosaki (Leopard Coat)

Me as Nana Oosaki from NANA with my Leopard coat!

Sexy Umi

Some pictures of me as Sexy Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth ^__^ Photoshoot with my fellow Mercuryrose Cosplay girls on New Years Eve!


Cosplay Christmas pictures!

Soul Calibur II Photoshoot

Here's some pictures from our private photoshoot with Michael from Deathcom.net :D