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Lara Croft 1.0

My Lara Croft costume from the new Tomb Raider. I'm calling this the 1.0 version as it's from the beginning of the Turning Point Trailer before the Endurance gets shipwrecked. There's definitely some things still to be done and things to be changed (espec

Lara Croft 2.0

Like Version 1.0....but dirtier!

Awani the Deer Faerie

Deer faerie character for the 2012 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Selina Kyle

The Dark Knight Rises - inspired shoot

Shannan (original)

Female protagonist from Shawn Lamb's book series, Allon -

Countess Elaine de Francias

French Noble lady character for 2011 Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

Kit Tanner

Peasant Pickpocket character for 2007 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Stormtrooper Shenanigans

Oh what hilarity ensues when people of like body size, yet opposite gender start switching costumes..... Especially when it's a stormtrooper!

Faun (Original)

A faun costume for a student short film called "How to Catch a Faun"