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Code Geass -ZERO


Final Fantasy IV - Kain Highwind

I love dragoons. In my final fantasy parties, i'd always have at least one dragoon in my party. FF tactics? ALL DRAGOONS. =D

Fate/Stay Night - Master and Servant

Kumoricon 08 Portland, OR

Albedo - Xenosaga

You will be playable in part IV! I believe it!

Mori - Ouran Host Club

I love this Ouran Host Club anime! And Mori's my favorite, after Kyouya, so I decided to go as him...

Kyon - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Is there anything better than being the consort of God?

Archer - Fate/Stay Night

Archer is my favorite character in fate/stay night ^_^

Harry Potter - House Slytherin Student

House Slytherin is the best! Harry Potter book + movie premier.

Yamato the Woody Ninja

My favorite ninja in Naruto. Killer Giraffes of doom, beibei!

Lavi - D Gray Man

Everyone's favorite exorcist! And my obsession with side characters continues...

Megaman WorX

Megaman X, the first game I played on the SNES console, and the one to remain my all time favorite.