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Princess Leia - Star Wars

Boushh, Endor/Ewok, etc.

Historical Replicas / Period Gowns

Edwardian, Civil War, Renaissance, Regency, etc.

Helga v. Vogelweide / Eis Hexe

Trinity Blood's wickedly Icy queen.

Evil Queen - The Brothers Grimm

my year-long ode to beads, pearls, and pseudo-insanity.

The Burger King

my favourite commission. ever.


Loli-themed Indiana Jones, Willy Wonka, etc.

Victim Bride - The Cell

because everyone loves j-lo. sort of.

Katrina Van Tassel - Sleepy Hollow

not appropriate for summer wear.

Star Wars - Miscellaneous

Jabba the Hutt and Handmaidens.