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Vivi Mystery Skulls

Cosplay progress and final product all go here.

Russia AX 2014

The retirement of this particular costume. It may have a revival someday (with a new coat).

Cossack Russia

Progress shots and everything else? Iunno.


I've decided I'm too impatient and lazy to make albums for each event. You know. That or I might start making albums that are by the year/convention. Maybe.

Her Majesty The Queen

My Shakespearean Lady, who started out as a project for my fall 2011 Shakespeare class, has fully evolved into Queen Elizabeth I. May all the Hetalia and Dr. Who cosplays rejoice.

Croatia AX 2011

The debut of my original character\'s costume, Croatia, based off the online web-comic Axis Powers Hetalia. Once more, the female accompanying is the original character Serbia, Croatia's sister.

Russia AX 2011

Taken on Day 2 of Anime Expo 2011, Saturday.

Croatia Progress

Pictures of Croatia's cosplay, as I make progress with it.

Russia AX 2010

This is the debut of my Axis Powers Hetalia Russia costume, from AX 2010. We escaped from the overwhelming APH gathering to do this; we being the person that took the photos and the girl with me cosplaying the OC Serbia.

Russia (Non-Convention)

Mostly non-convention Russia photos, photoshoot or not.

Amie Harlock

Collection of the original character, (Pirate) Captain Amie Harlock