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Seras's blue outfit from the Hellsing anime. After many years and much indecisiveness I FINALLY decided on this and made it! And I love it! <3


Pictures of the different Saber outfits from Fate Stay Night. Right now I only have her casual outfit, but I'll be doing more!


Kimonos I've made as well as a kimono inspired dress that I designed.

Star Trek

My ST costume, red dress engineer.

Princess Aurora

Costumes of mine from the movie Sleeping Beauty.


Eva from the video game Record of Agarest War 2.

Moon Dress

An original design outfit I came up with for my business, that is moon inspired.

Cowboy Bebop

CB costumes! Faye and Julia =)

Marvel Costumes

Marvel's 'Ultimate' version of Black Cat and Marvel's She-Venom AKA The Bride of Venom


Pictures of the different Sekirei cosplays I've made, so far I've only done Tsukiumi, but more to come!

Super Sailor Moon

Pictures of both Anime and Manga versions of Super Sailor Moon costumes I've done.

Misc Sailor Moon

Misc costumes related to Sailor Moon, like Sailor Cosmos, Prisoner Usagi, etc.


My first Chobits cosplay! I think everyone has to have a Chii costume to have their cosplay collection complete XD This is my take on the cover of one of the manga, I made it quite a bit darker than the original picture, but I still like it ^^

Princess Serenity

Pictures of both Anime and Manga versions of Princess Serenity costumes I've made.


My favorite female character from Dragonball Z. I love ChiChi, and she reminds me so much of me, I had to cosplay her!