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From Girl Genius, a webcomic


My silly, comfy costume, complete with my patented attack chicken attack!


Hooray for Shinigami Academy costumes!

Ninja Nonsense

The crazy antics of Shinobu, Onsokamaru, and Sauske(s)!

Ty Lee

"Circus" variation Debuted Otakon 2007


Photos of Gidget and the Rest of the Eureka 7 crew.

Fuu the Gambler

From Samurai Champloo, Episode 4: Fuu's Gambling outfit- purple and yellow

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

The gang's all here: Mac, Bloo, Coco, Edwardo, and Frankie Otakon 2006

Anime Mid-Atlantic 2006

A fun small con in Richmond... a great <hot> weekend in June

Scanned Accessories

Naruto headband, closeup of Robin's cuffs

Shayera Hol

My Shayera (aka Hawkgirl), huge wings, toned abs, and a bada** additude!! ;)

R. Dorothy Wayneright

From Big O- Dorothy's "Nightingale" outfit Slightly work-in progress.

Robin Sena

The original flame "alchemist" Photos Otakon 2005, Anime USA 2005, Katsucon 2006

AB 2005

Photos from Anime Boston 2005- mostly Robin ones found on the web and a surprise appearance from Strong Bad.

Scottish Maid

If I was smart, I'd make up a character name for this outfit- something like "Lassie McKenzie"... but that makes me sound like a dog. For Renaissance Fairs.