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anime expo 2010 - auron

i dusted off my old auron costume and spent a day walking around the halls... it was fun and if you saw me or took a picture, drop me a line

anime expo 2010 (private shoot) - final fantasy x

psycholove with friends portraying final fantasy x characters rikku - psycholove lulu - vendieh yuna - chocobo jockey

anime expo 2010 (private shoot) - chun li

rinoa07 portraying chun li from street fighter

anime expo 2010 (private shoot) - ace attorney

cosplayer thia fayne with friends portraying ace attorney characters

anime expo 2010 - queen esther (private shoot)

cosplayer lilyun5368 portraying queen esther from trinity blood

fanime 2010 (private shoot) - ayumi

cosplayer yona portraying ayumi hamasaki. check for additional pictures in yona's gallery

fanime 2010 (private shoot) - abel nightroad

cosplayer sesshomaru 12 portraying abel nightroad from trinity blood (additional pictures in sesshomaru12\'s gallery)

fanime 2010 (private shoot) - yuki cross

cosplayer sesshomaru 12 portraying yuki cross from vampire knight (additional pictures in sesshomaru12\'s gallery)

fanime 2010 (private shoot) - hinata

cosplayer necara portraying hinata from naruto. for additional pictures see necara's gallery

fanime 2010 (private shoot) - lightning

cosplayer stephhxstar portraying lightning from final fantasy xiii. more pictures can be found in stephhxstar's gallery