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Bleach News Skit - Otakon '06 Masquerade

Some shots of me on stage during our "Soul Society News" and afterwards with our whole cast and the Best Overall Novice trophy we won. We were understandably proud and excited as hell about it.

Yasu - NANA

Photos of my Yasushi Takagi aka Yasu cosplay.

Nekozawa Butler - Ouran High School Host Club

Pictures of me in my Nekozawa butler, made to go along with Tess' Nekozawa and Masayume's Nekozawa maid outfits. Yeah niche cosplays ftw. ;)

Jobs - Eureka 7

Jobs from Eureka 7 and just general Eureka 7 photos from the shoots I was in.

Ikkaku - Bleach

Shots of my Karakura High version of Madarame Ikkaku from Bleach. One day to be joined by full Shinagami outfit Ikkaku.

Sadamitsu - Sadamitsu the Destroyer

Photos of my semi-retired Sadamitsu from Sadamitsu the Destroyer. I'll probably pick it back up if/when I get around to finishing up all the robot suit stuff. Still my first real cosplay, so it rocks in a different way. =^ )

Gale - Last Exile

My much discussed Last Exile cosplay... Gale! Yes I finally posted it, so come in and check out pics of the bad, bald Silvana mechanic. =^ P Retired for the moment.

Rude - Final Fantasy VII/AC

AC Children Rude shots from Katsucon 2006 and Wizard World Philly 2006. Probably will be joined by original FFVII (blue) outfit pics soon too.

Clown Biker - Akira

Clown biker from one of the greatest animes of all time... Akira. If you know the movie, I'm portraying the unlucky guy who beats up Tetsuo and tries to set Kaneda's bike on fire... And then gets his skull caved in for his troubles. O_o Retired to re

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat / EGA

First shown at Katsucon 2006. It's my first attempt at an EGA, and I think it turned out rather well from the reaction. Black bowler, black/grey tailcoat, white cravat and poets shirt, back waistcoat, black fitted johdphurs, and of course wolfhead cane.