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Dragon Con 2K9

Dragon Con 2009 and my costumes.

Fallout 3 -Combat Armor

Progress of my Combat Armor from 'Fallout 3'. Many thank to Belakor for 3ding and Pepakura layout of this models. Could not have done this with out him. I hope to complete this by Dragon Con 2K9.

Dragon Con 2008

Collection of photos from Dragon Con 2008. Some are mine unless other wise noted.

Nick Fury, Ultimates

Photos of my progression of the Ultimates version of Nick Fury, aka Samuel L. Jackson version Nick Fury.

ODST, Halo 2

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from Halo 2 and 3. Thanks to the folks at and the makers of Pepakura software.


Spartan '300'. Only the hard, only the strong.

Dragon Con 2K7

Dragon Con 2007

Dragon Con 2K6

My more mature year for Dragon Con. Well, sort of. ^_^

Cobra Ninja Warrior

Non-Storm Shadow Cobra Ninja project. My personal attempt to bring honor back to the name of the 'Cobra Ninja'.


Props and stuff

BLEACH - Madarame Ikkaku

Progress of becoming a Shinigami.

Dragon Con 2k5

My first Con ever! Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA

Ninja Cosplay

Generic Original Ninja Cosplay Action

Cromartie High School

development of my cormartie high cosplay

Cobra Uniform

Development of my Cobra Blue Trooper Uniform