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Kasumi (C4)

Kasumi C4 costume from DOA4

Yuna Thief

This costume was a total pain in the a$$.

Kasumi (C1)

I love this costume to pieces~ I don't think this will be retiring anytime soon.

Young Jiraiya

These aren't picture's of me, but my boyfriend's little brother. If he gets an account I'll transfer these over there.


I love this costume. I have some really ghetto anbu pics in here otherwise . . . GO ME AND MY GIANT FAN!

Yuffie Kisaragi

One of the most hated characters because she loves her damn materia . . .

Star Wars

I honestly . . . have no clue. We came out of kicking and screaming and I found Star Wars people outside XD

Yuna Songstress

These aren't that great. More to come summer '06

Yuna Gunner

I look like crap in all of these . . . one year was missing things and then I fixed things and forgot more things the next year. GRRRRR. I will eventually get some awesome pictures and delete these bad ones XD

Kasumi (C2)

My Kasumi C2 cosplay