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Getting on the band-wagon. Or, in this case, band-train.

Gothic Works

Purchased and found costumes assembled to be photographed in interesting ways.

Kingdom Hearts: Organization

In ur Org, bein whoever you're missing...

Twilight Town Turks

What might have happened if ShinRa invaded the sunset land of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts : VEN

Birth By Sleep ---> Ven /= Roxas ! Well, at least not yet. ~.^

Death Note

I got talked into this one, guys. ;-;

Kingdom Hearts: ROXAS

Alright, alright, I have too many Kingdom Hearts folders! But, I mean, I already had the wig and the coat, so...

Kingdom Hearts: ANTI SORA

Where go all cosplays that lose their heart...


Sue pictures from Clamp's Clover. Big mechanical moving wings-woo!

Guilty Gear

For Ky and Kuro pictures, or other amusing GG stuff


For Memoirs of Balmung.

SaGa Frontier

For current and future shots from the game that no one knows about!


The amazing skit that never should have happened.

Soul Calibur

For the burning gummi worms within your heart and Soul. But otherwise, mostly for Kilik and Nightmare pictures.